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High technology always gives you a headache especially when you have to grope on your own. It will not be as complicated as you think. ApecSoft will help you learn about the mobile app, daily mobile applications that you still use. These colorful square iconson your phone screen.

To get a deeper understanding of mobile applications, you need to first understand the nature of them.

Understand What Mobile App is?


A mobile application software, also referred to as a mobile application, or just an application. This is an application software designed to run on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

In Vietnam, there are more than 35 million smartphones, the fastest growing in Southeast Asia. On average, one person spends 127 minutes a day using the mobile app. It means 1 year devoted whole month not eating, sleeping, just to use App. The amazing time level in today’s busy and modern life.

What do people use?


How do Vietnamese people use mobile applications?


ứng dụng di động


These applications are just some of the many applications that are being used by everyday users.

It can be seen that mobile applications have gone deep into human life. It not only helps us entertain, but mobile applications can also help you check and exchange work.


Q & A: “Why do I already have a website but have to invest in building a mobile application?”


For a business, formal website design is indispensable. But … a mobile app still makes many enterprises wonder.  What’s the reason for me developing my own mobile app?

Reaching customers is the path that every business needs to go through. However, the way to approach customers, it is a separate path for each business.

Applying science and technology based on practicality is the fastest way to optimize work, save time and effort for your business.

Your customers are also among the 35 million smartphones, also those who spend 127 minutes a day to use the mobile app.

They not only use entertainment applications, job control applications, shopping applications  but also search information online.

So why do not you approach them through this method?


Hafale Vietnam owns a dedicated mobile application that helps showcase products, announce new promotions, search prices, inventories, and the nearest Hafale locations.

Mobile applications not only help in better sales but also help businesses increase professionalism in the eyes of customers.

In the future, mobile apps for businesses will become more and more popular. Mobile application development will develop parallel with website design.

From now on, let yourself be one of the leading business trends. Break up and build loyal customers before the competitors grow.

ApecSoft designs mobile applications on demand. Understand trends, understand expectations and understand how to implement them.

We will help you own useful mobile app.

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