ApecSoft Culture – The basics of corporate culture

Each person can choose a way of life for themselves. Each person has a different way of behaving when faced with a situation. A company not only includes machines and tools, but also includes the human element. Each company has its own philosophy to illuminate its operating principles. People call those philosophies that corporate culture. Here are the basics of working culture at ApecSoft.

Corporate culture directs people to put aside their personal philosophy to work for the company’s common goals. These common goals create value.

Culture in the introduction and self-introduction

– Introduce members to newcomers.

– Introduce low status people to high positions with title attached.

– With partners, introduce yourself briefly about your name and your department in the company. Keep the attitude polite, humble when introduced.

Culture in talking

– Express in short, easy to understand, inspirational way.

– Using clear words that are relevant to the subject and the content being exchanged.

– Do not talk while eating, chewing gum or smoking.

Culture in the use of business cards

– The person who self – introducing give the business card first.

– Giving your business card after receiving the business card of the opposite person.

– Stand up when giving business cards.


– Keep an arm gap when receiving business cards. See and identify information on business cards.

– Ask for information on how to pronounce the name or any unknown information on the card.

– Rearrange business cards after receipt and do somehow to remember people who have met.

Note: Give the card with your left hand and receive with your right hand.


Culture in telephone communication

– When calling: Greeting + Say your name

– When you pick up the phone, the first sentence: company name +  your name + listen.

– Speaking shorty, clearly, does not affect the people around.

– Fun, positive, expression willing to help.

– End the call with a greeting or thanks, put the phone gently.

Culture at work

– Keep your workplace clean, neat.

– Sorting, neatly and scientific organized papers supplies for work.

– Use proper power and turn off electrical appliances when not in use.

– Wear ApecSoft uniform in accordance with regulations.



– Work on time, contact in advance with the manager when absent or late for work.

– Exemplary in the implementation of corporate culture and fundamental values.

Culture behaves with customers and partners

– Greet the customer first and actively help if the customer show signs need help.

– Open the door, smiles and politely ask about the purpose of guests.

– Quickly, timely manner. Communicate with kindness, closeness, friendliness.

– Listening, trying to understand customers and partners, expressing by the appropriate way for them to understand and pay attention.

Culture behaves with colleagues

– Greeting colleagues early in the morning.

– The younger greeted the older first.

– Interested and care for other colleagues while sick, sharing joy, sadness in life.

Corporate culture demonstrates the professionalism. Individuals need to follow to accomplish the common goal.

Especially mobile application development and website design.

Following the rules is a way to improve yourself.

ApecSoft always strive to create the most comfortable and effective working environment.

ApecSoft – We design your future!

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