Dynamic ApecSoft – Summer Time – Cat Ba 2017

Summer is also the anniversary of ApecSoft birthday. Let the members have the time to rest after a long time working together. ApecSoft has a very meaningful and memorable trip to Cat Ba 3 days 2 nights.

The familiar blue departs early in the morning towards the destination. With cheerful atmosphere, laughter filled the car and ferry during the trip.

Focusing on Tung Thu beach, ApecSoft has had a great team building activity.

The sweat and the cheery laughter to help people have fun and a meaningful team building game. Clear how much stress and fatigue in the work so far.

After that afternoon, everyone realized that even though it was a team building game, the spirit of solidarity of the members was very high.

Along with the agility and sophistication,  we has been able to overcome the game easily.

Gala Dinner is also a memorable time when members can express their great abilities. During warmly time together, ApecSoft members will never forget.

Daily work together, but fun time, confide together is not much. Therefore, vacations are an opportunity for people to get closer.

Newcomers to the company, through this opportunity, may be closer to the current members.

Those who have been attached to ApecSoft may have more time to understand each other.

Comfort in thought, understanding the development goals of each other will help the work is more convenient, the departments coordinate better together.

Hopefully the members will go together to celebrate next year’s anniversary, next year… There will be more interesting, longer trips, more memorable activities for everyone.

ApecSoft, to be continue…

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