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Mobile App Development

ApecSoft designs and develops utility mobile app for business and society, improving business efficiency and reducing the burden on human life.

Sales application group for business units who want to display and look up products, purchase products online, search price and quantity of inventory, look up where to buy...

Customer care application for spa, beauty salon, car or motor maintenance center,... update the necessary schedules, new calendar book, send reminders, news of the promotions, news of the business unit or receive feedback from customers...

Management application solutions for healthcare, education, business ... help with internal news exchange, human resources management, timekeeping, notification of new campaigns, reminders, personal schedule updates and personal sales results...

Community service applications solutions group such as phone theft prevention, phone control according to customer behavior, search for favorite places, knowledge store.

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Website Design

"Put yourself in the customer position and serve over their expectations"

ApecSoft designs the website with the criteria for customer – customers oriented, bringing comprehensive solutions for your website.

A website meets the maximum user experience is considered high quality.

Website design according to customer behavior, using the latest design technology.

ApecSoft ensures website display standard interface on multi-screen device and fully meet the SEO standards for marketing process of enterprises.

Put creative elements and uniqueness to the top, ApecSoft choose the path of website design according to the requirements of the enterprises.

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Software Solution

With many years of experience, ApecSoft implements key projects with major partners such as Hanoi Taxation Department, University of Technology, Ministry of Education and Training...

State blocks need management software, meeting scheduling software, asset management, bidding...

Educational blocks require online exam software, training management software, library management software...

Enterprises and business units need business management software and business support as required.

ApecSotf performs software research and development with high practicality and modern technology, easy to use and high security.

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