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Tourism – Entertainment is a development field based on the growth of the economy and the level of income of the people. The development of large theme parks is gradually developing in Vietnam. Dragon Park – the largest theme park in Vietnam officially put into operation in early 2017. Apecsoft has been honored to be the travel website design unit for this project.

On January 25, 2017, Sun Group officially opened the largest theme park in Southeast Asia. Dragon Park belongs to Sun World Halong Complex in Ha Long City (Quang Ninh).

Dragon Park is the only theme park in Vietnam to gather 32 of the world’s leading modern games, tested and accredited by the Quality Testing Association TÜV – Germany.

It is also the first park in Asia to be managed by the world-renowned Parques Reunidos (Spain).

Having inspiration from the world’s most popular amusement parks, Dragon Park brings unprecedented customer experience. Website design also needs to highlight the unique points at the park.

Although they all are business but different from ecommerce website design, travel website design should bring customers more experience.

Thiết kế website du lịch

With the prominent advantage of creation, Apecsoft has created a travel website design in modern style.

Flycam take guests to overview at various angles and activities of customers at the park.
High quality flycam make a special impression from the beginning for visitors, attract customers to explore other parts of the website.

The alternating design between the image and the flycam gives users more unique experience. Customers also will not be bored of having to roll the mouse to see the pictures of the park.

The highlight of the park is the world’s top speed and adventure games such as the longest roller coaster in Asia. When you go to explore, you will have full information about the game is currently popular.

Each game has its own image and area for customers to explore on the website before the actual experience.

Essential issues are also provided to the customer right on the website with specific headers, are shown by eye-catching images and effects.

Customers can leave their mark with the images stored in the moment share part.

In addition, instead of holding a paper map on hand, customers can look up their own way in the park via the website. Advanced filters allow customers to choose where they want to go.

dragon-park-bản đồ

Park-related information including news and fares, opening hours are displayed in the menu bar. It’s convenient for searching that still does not affect the flycam and image the customer wants to see.

Search box will help customers find information related to services to learn. Website is fully integrated social networking and compatible with all devices.

Compatibility with internet access devices is extremely important. Your website must be fully displayed when customers use any device to surf the web.

To attract customers, professional travel website design is not only pictures, beautiful effects but also need to understand what customers want and meet their wishes.

At Apecsoft, we design travel websites not only with modern technology and innovative ideas but also with devotion in each product.

Products designed with devotion and enthusiasm will be different from those made solely on content and tools.

Let discuss with us when you need to design professional travel website.

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