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On April 29, 1977, Typhoon Water Park officially opened and came into operation. This is the largest and most modern water park in Southeast Asia. Apecsoft has had the honor of being the official website design partner for this project.

Inspired by the world’s leading amusement park models, Typhoon Water Park stretches over an area of 20 hectares in Ha Long, Quang Ninh province to meet the needs of all ages.

The park owns 12 diverse, attractive underwater game system. The park is divided into three separate zones: Amusement zone for the family, Children’s play area and Adventure zone for strong feelings.

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It is one of the world-class entertainment facilities invested by Sun Group.

Typhoon Water Park is the second park in Vietnam after Dragon Park, managed by Parques Reunidos (Spain) – A leading global operator of amusement parks. It manages 61 parks in 14 countries in Europe, America (USA and Argentina), Middle East (Dubai) and Asia (Vietnam).

In order to meet the requirements for a quality website, Apecsoft has thoroughly researched all the issues. Especially the user experience from customers who have entertainment needs in the water park.

The amusement park is a place for all ages, so website design also needs to have certain harmony.

With the world class, the website design should also highlight the advantages, the characteristics of the water park by the most lively and newest way.

The beautiful effects will create a more attractive feeling that make users want to experience the reality at the water park.

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Actual image is captured by modern and sharp rotating technology, making the web structure more prominent.

Website is fully integrated with necessary social networks, compatible with all devices to ensure the most convenient for website visitors.

Essential needs arise at the amusement park will be detailed instructions on the website.

Clear layout combined with beautiful effects make the users feel comfortable to access.

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The amusement zone system is also guided in detail and updated information for customers at the bottom of the site. It helps customers to answer their own questions when they need.

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Do not explore Typhoon Water Park through the website only, let’s come and experience the reality.

The map is at the bottom of the page to help you get where you want to go.

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In order to have a quality website, not only Apecsoft must study many issues but also need great cooperation from the partners.

Understanding combined with modern technology and constant innovation is the key to success.

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